Welcome to CookWell4Life

A Little about playing with food

Hi! I'm Chef Matt!

 "I've been a professional chef since 2013 and have worked in several Mediterranean and gastro restaurants during my career working hard from the bottom up to running kitchens. I've always enjoyed working with food and essentially playing with different styles and variations. After all, how can you enjoy something if you don't play a little and have fun! I was asked to help spread the joy of working with food with a year three group and after discovering how much everyone enjoyed it, Cookwell4life was born. It is now my goal to teach such an important life skill to whoever is willing to learn and show that there is nothing wrong with playing with food a little. Whether it's something traditional such as a Nordic bread loaf to go alongside a historical lesson or something hands on in making fresh pasta. Everything I do is made fresh and professionally with the two rules I always go by within a new brigade of chefs. Make everything with a homemade love and affection and make sure you have fun! " 

Going that one step further

I come to you! I'm able to bring my own equipment and will also provide ingredients. The lessons I bring to the kitchen classroom aren't always simple tasks of baking cupcakes or bread (although there is a skill to great bread in itself!) I intend to deliver a bit more gastro quality recipes to the lesson and always try to expand the horizon on understanding and cooking great dishes. Sometimes it might be tricky, but I have incredible patience that can only come for waiting for a sauce or a cut of meat to be cooked just right! I will always be there getting hands on myself cracking the odd terrible joke and bringing some fun to cooking. After all, how can you enjoy something if you don't play a little. This is an entirely new way of playing with food!

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

I know it's cheesy but it is true! Kitchen brigades would not be able to function if just one chef pushed too quick. I bring the same style to a hands on lesson and bring the entire group forward at the same rate. Everyone should work together and support each other, no matter the task at hand. I will even work alongside teachers for a certain topic in their curriculum. You have no idea how much some dishes can tie into ancient history sometimes!